American Dream

American Dream is our first ‘official’ Goodwork Original… and we couldn’t be more proud. 

Inspired by the cinematic synths and emotionally charged lyrics of Ethel Cain’s American Teenager, the film follows Michael, a young teenager, who moves to the big city with his hopes, dreams, and Inner Child, the manifestation of his true self.

We were inspired to capture the familiar story that every young dreamer experiences when going out into the “real world. Michael encapsulates all of us and our desire to stay true to our inner callings and our ‘Inner Child.’

The creative production process for this film was incredibly detailed and rewarding. We worked with a custom fabric designer and a toy manufacturer to create our “Inner Child”. We started with casting the Inner Child, which was one of the most difficult steps. When we finally found Daniel, we immediately fell in love and knew it was him. We then worked with our incredible Production Designer & Creative Director, Amanda Smith, & our toy manufacturer, Vikram Singh, to generate 3-D Renderings of our custom toy. 

Upon approval of the renderings, we were able to launch into the manufacturing process of creating the toy and begin the costume wardrobe. Our incredible team at Fabric Planet absolutely brought the plush toy to life. 


Michael’s journey to the big city was supposed to be his ticket to the American Dream, but little did he know that he would be accompanied by a rare entity – his inner child. The personification of his hope, optimism, and desire for a fulfilling life, Michael’s Inner Child proved to be the beacon of light in the midst of a city that could break even the strongest of wills. As Michael plunged deeper into the underbelly of the city, the harsh realities of capitalism, the weight of societal expectations, and the evil forces that lurked in the shadows began to wear him down. Soon, he found himself disconnected from his Inner Child, losing sight of the very essence that had brought him there in the first place. Determined to find his way back to his former self, Michael sets out on a soul-stirring journey through the city’s dark alleys and bright lights, seeking to reclaim his long-lost innocence and reignite his passion for life. Will he find the light he so desperately seeks, or will the city snuff out his inner flame once and for all?