Fresco Trey – Alone

When Warner Records asked us to do a music video for one of their up-and-coming artists, we said… “DUH!” Not only were we honored that our second project was from the legendary Warner Records, but we knew we had an idea that would spark some inspiration.

One thing we need to make clear, we don’t do things the easy way at Goodwork. You might think, “Why put yourself through all that extra work and stress? What if it doesn’t work out?”

And you’re right – it could not work out… But, when it does – SWEET JAMES, it’s good.

That’s what we did. We took the $15,000 budget from Warner and made it into a $150,000 idea – we set it on fire… Literally!

We pride ourselves on maximizing budget without limiting quality and that is exactly what we did with this project.

Fight scenes, fast cars, broken hearts, and torched screens – we left nothing out in this video and I think you’ll be shocked to know… we did it all under budget. 😏